Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hellooo, Sailor

Lord knows, we sure love us some food made with booze. Killing two birds with one stone is so much more tasty when those birds are dredged in a savory, spiked marinade.

The good folks over at Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum are clearly kindred spirits.

We found ourselves at a backyard party in Brooklyn recently, huddled under a tent, oblivious to the monsoon-style rainstorm surrounding us because our mouths were stuffed with barbecue. Oh. My. Word. Those pulled-pork sandwiches! The tangy fried chicken! What weather?

Between bites, we located the sweet, tattooed hostess from Sailor Jerry. "Oh, the Spiced and Sweet BBQ Sauce? The recipe is on our website. We have a ton of them. Do you like it?"

To say the least.

Turns out, the Sailor Jerry blog is a virtual treasure trove of rum-soaked recipes. From soup to semifreddo, one could make a fantastic four-course meal using liberal splashes of the spicy quaff. They provide printable recipe cards adorned with sweet vintage tattoos, too, so you can fantasize that your old salty sea-dog uncle passed down that recipe for Bruschetta (one-eyed Uncle Petey sure loved his bruschetta!)

Rather than keep all of this goodness a secret, the Sailor Jerry team has commissioned a small, handsome fleet of gleaming Airstreams to spread the barbecue love to needy locals across the country. The Great American Road Trip in a shiny vintage Airstream plus barbecue plus unlimited rum? We're quitting our day jobs.

Keep your eyes peeled for a tatted-up trailer and a bevy of pin-up girls, and you may be lucky enough to find yourself washing down some boozy pulled pork with Jerry's take on the Dark and Stormy, "The Perfect Storm."

Don't be too surprised if you find yourself in the midst of one, as well.


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