Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Play With Your Food - Assiette

Let us preface this post with a fact - stop animation is guaranteed way to win our hearts and our affections.  Stop animation featuring kick ass chefs, ambient music, and fresh ingredients that begin their metamorphosis into surreal landscapes???  We swoon.  Our bellies ache, and we long to shrink ourselves into wee little ladies and frolic in them hills.

The hills are alive..with the smells of croissant...

We've got a major lady crush going for the two film makers Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus, who you may remember from their gorgeous trailer for the upcoming film Zergüt.   This time they've collaborated with patisserie Jordan Kahn of Red Medicine. 

ASSIETTE from Zergüt on Vimeo.

In their words:

"The concept of depicting a culinary world growing from an empty plate as a landscape in itself is what inspired this exploration. Assiette is the first in what will be a series of works that depicts a dish emerge, ingredient after ingredient, and assemble itself to completion.  Our objective was to make a fleeting, entrancing film which would reveal itself in a single continuous take, with no cuts -- a cinematic "bite".  Here, a traditional croissant unravels to become an avant-garde dessert.  We were interested in investigating the parallel between the ingredients on the microcosm of the plate mirroring the macrocosm of a green forest."

Keep it up ladies, we know there is more goodness to come from Chayka Sofia!

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