Monday, July 11, 2011

How 'Bout Them Loubou's?

Let us talk for a minute or so about the still life.  We have always been lovers of the still life, there's something so magical about how a painting can make an inanimate object, well, animate.  Although the genre is often considered the lowest in the hierarchy, we nonetheless find ourselves transported with the lush focus and detail spent on hours of layering paint upon paint in the shape of say, a strawberry.  Such patience.  Such focus.  We envy.

We've not been shy to share our love for food in art - if it be ladies rolling around in cotton candy, portraits of handsome steaks, or the contemporary Dutch portraits of cheese.  But, dear readers, it's about time that our love of the 18th century still life went contemporary.

Today we share with you Peter Lippmann's still life studies of fruit, wine, honey, and Louboutin


But wait, there's more..

Yes please.  Want more?  Check out Peter Lippmann's website for more mouth watering inducing work.  We can't decide what to put on lock-down, the refrigerator or our credit card.  Probably the latter, a girl's gotta eat, after all...

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