Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cotton and Katy Perry

One of our favorite artists, Will Cotton, has collaborated with Katy Perry.  Mr Cotton acted as Art Director for the video California Gurls, with director Matthew Cullen.  Mr Cotton told ArtInfo that his "post-production crew stitched in maquettes and images from his archive onto a green-screen backdrop, literally implanting Katy Perry into a world constructed from his paintings". The similarities are uncanny. So here it is: Gastronomista's visual comparison, the work of Will Cotton, and Katy Perry's California Gurls.  

Ms Perry in her own Cotton Candy Cloud


Ms Perry checkin out Candy Land, aka California


Candy Safari


You get the idea. And behold, the video:

Maybe someone should tell Mr Cotton that is he is missing a portrait of Snoop Dogg from his oeuvre. 

And finally, Mr Cotton's portrait of Ms Perry for the cover of her forthcoming album, Teenage Dream.


  1. all the parties involved need to get together for a sequel to that music video effort, and let the theme be redemption, for obvious reasons.

    that was brutally pathetic on every level imaginable ~

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