Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Chicken of Paper

It's been a while since we've celebrated one of our favorite subjects, the chicken.  Those odd creatures, dinosaur like, with their feathery feet and often gorgeous plumage.   We've been wanting some chickens for a while now, contemplating urban coops for rooftops, and proper chic breeds that would make quite the fashion statement here in New York City.  For the record, we still argue that the Black Sumatra is the most beautiful of chickens.  But when push comes to shove, we must be practical.  Perhaps, we are not ready for an actual coop, although one day, we will be.

Which is why we are completely smitten with Andy Singleton's paper chickens that he has designed for the Hermés storefronts in London, Dublin, and Manchester, installed this summer.  The piece was done in collaboration with stylist Nikki Docker, and focuses on the concepts of travel and adventure:

Chicken Prototype
We still think one of these handsome gals would look damn fine in our apartment!  Something to hold us over until the day we have a lawn filled with exotic cluckers roaming around and showing off their fashionable feathers!


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