Sunday, October 16, 2011

Katy Perry - Foodie Fashion

Ok ok ok, we admit it.  We love Katy Perry.  A modern day pin up girl (Vergas would be envious), who's got the whole world always wondering what saccharine sweet thing she's going to wear next.  More importantly, she's a master of costumes featuring food and sweets, so obviously, we've been paying attention.

So without further ado, a Katy Perry round up of our favorite food fashions:

Sushi Suit

What every lady needs: A Whipped Cream Bra

Candy Portrait, by Will Cotton

More after the jump:

By Will Cotton

Cotton Candy & Latex

Cupcakes and Latex

California Gurls, Styled by Will Cotton

Hershey's Kisses -  Rolling Stone


Tiered Cupcake Dress

Topped with a Cherry

Carmen Miranda Redux

Banana Mobile

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