Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Behbeh

Oh Wednesday, what a drag you can be. 

We were delighted when our friend, Jejon Yeung sent us his collection of whimsical and socially poignant drawings of the adorable bear, Behbeh.  Sometimes a little cuteness really helps the day get on. 

Behbeh has adventures that make us hard workin' gals jealous; mud baths, tours of Santa Fe, snowboarding, site seeing.  It also seems that Behbeh is quite the foodie - getting into some delicious finds during his travels.  We must confess, we find ourselves relating to this little perhaps he's reading our minds... 

A few of our favorites:

Mmmm Chicken Wings

Martinis are a Girl's (and a Bear's) Best Friend


The Longest 150 Second's of One's Life


Happiness is a Lollipop Bigger Than Your Head


Workin' Hard for the Guacamole


Drats, My Martini!


Nom Nom


Sharing is Caring


Now Where to Put Them...


Wheatgrass Shots - $5 Extra


So. Violating.


French Fries = Heaven.

Carry on BehBeh - we'll be watching...

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