Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Chocolate Bars

We're big fans of chocolate here at Gastro HQ - very often a bit of the dark stuff is what we need in the afternoon.  But sometimes just chocolate is a bit dull.  Enter, peanut butter.  Yes, we've been known to slather peanut butter all over a bar of chocolate, undoubtedly ending up all over our faces and frocks.  So ladylike, we know.

Thankfully, designer Elsa Lambient has saved our day!  Chocolate actually designed to hold toppings!  Ms. Lambient has cleverly added two different compartments, one on top for your fruits, nuts, or other gooey additions, and a drawer, as it were, for your neater, crispier treats.  Our imaginations are running wild with the possibilities! 

In the words of the designer:

A modular design allows for three types of chocolate that can support two added ingredients: black chocolate has a hole to contain fruit, milk chocolate has spaces for nuts, and white chocolate is surfaced to hold liquids, and all three contain a hollowed compartment for inserted flavored wafers, perhaps nougat, biscuit or caramel.

And an adorable stop animation?  Now you're just torturing us....

SWEET PLAY by Elsa Lambinet from Jan Czarlewski on Vimeo.

via Dezeen

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