Friday, June 13, 2014

Matt Talbert - The Cocktail Painter

When Gastronomista first started, it was less about cocktail culture as is it today, and was more about that fuzzy crossover between food and art.  I spent my time searching the internet looking for obscure installations, videos, sculptures, and of course, donut paintings.  But, then I fell in love with whiskey, and it seems I've been down the boozy rabbit hole ever since.

But for a moment, I would like to get back to my roots and talk about the work of Matt Talbert, the Los Angeles based painter who makes gorgeous still life paintings of cocktails.  (Booze & (Good) Art, a Gastronomista's dream beat!)

I love his work because he is able to capture both the anticipation of watching a bartender make your cocktail to that gorgeous moment before the first sip.  The cocktail is perfect - it looks gorgeous - and it's just sitting there, waiting to be devoured.  And yet, Mr. Talbert takes this fragile and fleeting moment and makes it permanent, now a moment to be enjoyed forever..

Here are some of my favorites:

A Note from the Author: If anyone were to ever wish to gift one of Mr. Talbert's works to the author, she would be beyond thrilled.  Tickled, even.  

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