Friday, March 2, 2012

The Mighty Doughnut - Emily Eveleth

It's no new news that we really like doughnuts.  What's not to like?  There's something so optimistic about doughnuts - pillowy clouds filled with jams and creams, sprinkled with crystalline sugar and crunchy jimmies, fragile yet so easy to greedily devour.  Guaranteed bliss for anyone who partakes.

What's better than a warm doughnut?  How about a doughnut bigger than you, mere human? Oozing, glistening in the light, opening itself, tempting you to reach out and taste it's sweet-sweet filling.

That's what we bring you today, dear readers.  Artist, Emily Eveleth paints just that - enormous doughnuts - but they are so much more than just paintings of doughnuts.

While doughnuts are a common everyday object, Eveleth's treatment of them brings them to life, giving them personality, and making them human in so many ways.  These doughnuts have personalities and emotions - some are heroic, some defeated, some are confident, some are lonely, some flirtatious, but all of them beautiful and magnificent. 

We find ourselves feeling for these doughy characters.  Wanting to befriend them, comfort them, listen to their stories, and understand how they came to be.


Mighty, lonely, and poised - these doughnuts are more than kitsch americana - these doughnuts are us. Somehow they speak to the human condition - because maybe we too are filled with jams and creams, sprinkled with crystalline sugar, fragile, yet so easy to greedily devour.

Want more?  Check out Emily Eveleth's website.

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