Saturday, November 22, 2014

White Pike - Mix Up Your Day

For those of you who have been reading Gastronomista for a few years, you know that I'm a big fan of White Pike whiskey.  The first time I saw the bottle was at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in 2013, and I was immediately drawn to the bold design of the bottle - it's one of the few bottles on the shelf that looks definitively of the moment and not designed to look nostalgic in a predictable way.

White Pike Whiskey

Since then, I've gotten to know the brand a bit better, and have used it in many cocktails here at Gastronomista HQ.  I've always loved the black and white promo materials that the brand has produced, but I'm really excited to share with you a *first* look at some of their new graphics that they've been working on!! 

Part of their new Mix Up Your Day campaign, the brand has designed fun and graphic cocktail cards to help you, yes you, make delicious White Pike cocktails perfect for daytime imbibing. 

First up, the White Pike Bloody Mary - it is Saturday, after all:

White Pike Bloody Mary Recipe Card
White Pike - Bloody Mary
A White Manhattan - for the classicists who like a twist:

White Pike White Manhattan Recipe Card
White Pike - White Manhattan
The White Cosmo - a spicier version of the classic cocktail recipe:

White Pike White Cosmo Recipe Card
White Pike - White Cosmo

And Hot Buttered White Pike Whiskey - which will be heavy in rotation this holiday season here at Gastronomista HQ!

White Pike Hot Buttered White Whiskey Recipe Card
White Pike - Hot Buttered White Whiskey
I'm loving how White Pike is starting to bring color into their graphics - I was always a fan of their black and white themes, but it's really nice to see some change.  I hear they have some fun new cocktails for spring, and I'm looking forward to seeing those when they come out!

Also loving the new Billboard that just went up on 11th avenue across from Gotham West Market!

If you're on Pinterest, head on over to White Pike's Pinterest page and follow - I've been helping them with some pins and I think we're finding some great imagery that works well with the brand!  If there's anything you'd love to see related to White Pike on Pinterest, please leave a comment on this post, and I'll work it in!  Got cocktail ideas and gorgeous imagery, send 'em my way, and I'll get them up on the board!  I'm really excited about what we've got going on, and we will be featuring lots of fun designy-boozy stuff over the next few months! 

White Pike Pickle Back
White Pike Pickle Back

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