Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diamonds and Chocolate are a Girl's Best Friend

This was how we felt when we heard that Chocolatier Francois Payard was teaming up with Parisian jeweler Mauboussin for his new Francois Chocolate Bar on the Fourth Floor of their New York Madison Avenue Boutique.

Herve Haddad's sexy and seductive ad campaign for Mauboussin

Since Francois Payard's Upper East Side restaurant closed, we have been aching for his beautifully composed verrines, each an elegant and decadent suprise that would make any woman feel flushed. The fourth floor of the store has been flecked with chocolate brown and gold, and every corner is overflowing with gorgeous and extraordinary chocolate confections. This is all after you've passed through three floors of diamonds, pearls and jewels.

As if you don't yet have reason enough to visit the Mauboussin store, Architect David Rockwell covered the third floor of the "dreamscape atmosphere of fantasy, discovery and whimsy" in white feathers. Yes, that's right, white feathers. So now we have diamonds, chocolate, and white feathers. MondoArc reports that The Rockwell Group "wanted to transform the 19th century townhouse into an experiential environment that would create powerful connections between the customer and the jewelry. We filled all of the floors with layers of surreal and unexpected materials, textures and accents to capture the magic of the jewelry... The journey through the store begins on the first floor, where a dark fantastical space provides a dramatic backdrop to the spot-lit coloured lifestyle jewelry glittering in glass treasure boxes. Rockwell plays on the traditional notion of a townhouse with walls clad in dark sandpaper and copper stitched moldings. In the center of the space is an illuminated cracked glass wall, rising through all three retail floors, that resembles a monolith of fused diamonds."


Pushing forward the themes of sexiness, design, empowerment, and timeless beauty, Mauboussin has also teamed up with photographer Herve Haddad on this incredible ad campaign:

Herve Haddad for Mauboussin

Herve Haddad for Mauboussin

Visit Francois Chocolate Bar on the Fourth Floor of the Mauboussin Store at 714 Madison Avenue (near 63rd Street); (212) 752-4300.

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