Sunday, November 22, 2009

That Fox is Just Fantastic

Dear readers,

Lest you begin thinking that your hostesses at Gastronomista are overly obsessed with the golden days of Hollywood, we would like to dispel all such suspicions now and freely admit: we are lovers of cinema, period. Old and new, good and bad, great and sometimes, terrible. And if it's got great food, well... if you don't know us by now, dear readers, you never will.

So, we bring you our first still-in-the-theaters edition of Hasta La Feast-a: Fantastic Mr. Fox

One of our favorite books growing up is now one of the most fun movies in wide release right now. When a book makes an 8-year-old curious about washing down a goose paste filled donut with hard apple cider, I dare say the author's done a pretty bang-up job of making your mouth water with the written word. It's something we ladies at Gastronomista strive for daily, and Roald Dahl's gifts in that department weren't stale chips. Reading Boy: Tales of Childhood, we yearned for freshly poached, brilliantly spotted flounder. Reading Matilda we pined for Ovaltine and fried tomatoes. And who, reading The BFG, hasn't been at least mildly curious about the taste, and promised side-effects, of frobscottle?
This was, of course, in no small part due to long time Dahl illustrator and cohort Quentin Blake, whose fantastically whimsical line drawings helped bring Dahl's story to life.
Have you ever seen a fox more overjoyed? And Fantastic Mr. Fox is not only a fantastic book, but boy has it got some fantastic food. Director Wes Anderson has stuck to the spirit of the thing even while adding his own touch, and the result is simply the most delicious film of the year. (sorry, Julie and Julia.)

Hungry after the movie? Maybe some scrambled dregs will hit the spot.

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