Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gastronomista Gift Guide - For the Kitchen

Continuing the Gastronomista Gift Guide, this post's theme: The Kitchen.

We aren't going to be shy about this one: this is the most beautiful piece of equipment we have ever seen. The KitchenAid Professional 620 Stand Mixer made out of copper, yes copper. We learned how to cook with a KitchenAid, and have been lusting for one ever since moving to New York. We will not divulge the price (look here at your own risk), we are still in a recession after all, but we will continue to dream.

Measuring spoons are critical in every kitchen, and in our opinion, they should be lovely and enhance the experience of cooking for our loved ones. These measuring spoons already have us in the mood to build this year's gingerbread house (more to come in the next week or so). The best part is, these spoons would stay in someone's kitchen for life, and they are only $24 from Anthropologie.

Speaking of spoons, isn't it annoying when you are cooking and you are blast with a lightning bolt of inspiration, and you can't find a pen or a pencil anywhere? We sure do. But now there is this spoon/pencil that will not only keep your kitchen neat, but allow you to keep track of your ideas while in the thick of it. Designed by Sebastian Bergne (one of our favorite Industrial Designers), it is $35 at Moss.

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