Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Knife for Life

There are times in life when things are so beautiful that you just want them. These handmade knives by Joel Bukiewicz of CUT Brooklyn most certainly fall under that category. This is what cutlery should be: sharp, shapely, shiny, and made with intense love and care - all in Bukiewicz' shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

We love his description of the process of designing an optimal knife:

"I wanted to build a knife with an edge that would stroke smoothly and effortle
ssly on the cutting board, as an extension of the cook, but without being all belly and no slice; that was agile enough to be a versatile tool in the kitchen rather than feeling like a truck spring with a handle; a knife that would offer heft and balance at the bolster as well as a fast tip and lightness in the hand, that would be a pleasure to lift off the table and that would beg you to cook with it."

Well, we have been romanced. These knives would surely change our lives. High-carbon steel shaped over 15 hours - this is exactly the kind of artisan trade work us ladies love and appreciate.

Prospect Santoku Yellow 005

Prospect 8

Prospect Paring Small 005

Custom Steel and Aluminum Mosaic Pins = The Hotness

CUT Brooklyn knives are available at The Brooklyn Kitchen.

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