Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Night Out - Chinatown

It is damn cold in New York right now.  Damn Cold.  So what does one do after a long week at the day job? Run to the bar for a few pints, and off to Chinatown for soup dumplings.  Hot and explosive bites of either crab or pork and broth.  Oh yes, we visited Joe's Ginger, off shoot of the famous, and notoriously more crowded, Joe's Shanghai.

 image via Chinatown Eats

Xiao Long Bao, the soup dumplings take a liking to plump fat ladies in full, pleated skirts, their enormous bottoms filling the entirety of a soup spoon (at least this is how we recommend eating them in order to avoid the catastrophic chopstick puncture).  Additionally, anyone who reads this blog knows that we have a serious soft spot for neon, and Joe's Ginger has pink neon lining the ceiling - a reminder of all things right with the world. 

It's Hot in Here

Joe's Ginger, 25 Pell Street off Mott. Go, Be Warm, Be Happy.

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