Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Coop for a Queen

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his beloved.  What a man.

Beloved Chickens - we too would build a palace for you, a modernist testament of our love.

Dutch designer Frederik Roije has beat us to the punch, designing a Breed Retreat - the most beautiful chicken coop we've ever seen.  This stunning piece of architecture could easily push us over the edge and inspire us to finally get a few of those feathery-feeted beasts - and a coop to boot!

And finally, a love poem:

As grains in the cornfield, for thee have I shucked,
Words of love do I offer, yea of praise and renown,
Winged yet earthbound, as seraphs cast down,
To thee have I whisper'd, to me hast thou clucked.
Pulchritudinous poultry, from beak to thy legs,
To gaze at thy galliform soul is to sing
Of the unbested arm and the untested wing;
I toast thy fowl beauty as I toast thy fresh eggs.
Say not love is folly 'twixt chickens and men;
For hath not my heart forged a bond with thy breast?
Yea, a thick bond, which thickens, like mud in a nest,
And quickens my pulse for thou pullet, thou hen.
O chicken, surpassing the swallow or dove,
As thou swallow my corn, spurn not my love.

                                           -Sean Gleeson

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