Monday, January 31, 2011

The Cider Affair

For as long as we can remember, maple syrup has been the main squeeze for our pancakes. But we have a confession to make: we've been fooling around on that sappy standby.

The nice fellas down at Court Street Grocers introduced us to Wood's Boiled Cider, a condensed apple syrup out of Springfield, VT. The company has been pressing cider and producing the brew on the same machines since 1882, and the finished product remains deliciously free of any additional sweeteners or preservatives today. Drizzled over fluffy flapjacks, the Grocers told us, the cider is heavenly.

We bought a bottle on the spot.

Sure enough, Wood's Boiled Cider is a worthy companion for Sunday brunch, but the syrup has proven a versatile partner for Old Fashioneds, Hot Toddies, and homemade sodas, as well. The company website suggests you glaze your turkey and pork loin with Boiled Cider, too, and we're dying to try it - that is, if we don't run out of this golden elixir first.

Don't worry, maple - we still adore you. But all is fair in love and breakfast.

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