Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Enric Rovira's Incredible Edible Eggs

Yesterday, while watching Anthony Bourdain traipse around Spain, we were introduced to the most incredible chocolate eggs by Barcelona-based cocoa artisan, Enric Rovira.

Oh, how we wish that the video were available online for all of you to watch, but it seems to have been yanked from every public site. Please trust us when we say, run to your TiVo and record every upcoming episode of "No Reservations" so that you can one day catch this man's genius in action.

To construct a single egg, Rovira nimbly leaps through innumerable steps to source the chocolate, create a mold, melt said chocolate, mold said chocolate in said mold, temper an exterior, and fasten four perfect pieces together to form a beautiful upright egg. Then - then - he takes the picture-perfect eggs outside to melt in the sunshine, each being pierced by the direct light and ambient heat, and degrading until it nearly crumbles in on its own weight. Thereafter, each egg is brought inside, retempered to hardness, and dusted with a velvety matte coating.

Rovira's energy and genius cannot be contained, and he has produced many collections of incomaprable beauty. The following are some others that we find most elegant.

And remember, they are all meant to be eaten.

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