Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gluten Glut

Carb-loading: It’s not just for athletes anymore.

When we received a Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker from a dear friend for the holidays, we knew our pots would soon overflow-eth.

And perhaps we’ve gotten a bit carried away.

This sleek, chrome dream machine churns out tagliatelle and spaghetti for us when we need a quick pasta fix, and satiny sheets of dough for ravioli and lasagna when we're feeling more ambitious. It takes formidable elbow grease to clamp this old-school device to your counter and crank out the doughy strands, so you'll have ample opportunity to sweat off those carbs in advance.

With the kitchen covered in drying pasta, we’re starting to feel like Strega Nona with her magical spaghetti pot.

Now, who’s coming over for Linguine Bolognese?

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