Monday, January 10, 2011

Lladro Equus

Oh man do we have the wants.

This gorgeous tea set by Bodo Sperlein has us wanting, craving, lusting for excuses to have tea parties...or just to spend all day staring at this exquisite totem pole in celebration of everything equine. 

Why, hello there gorgeous.

You seem to have a leg up on things..

Mind giving me a hand, I mean hoof?

In the words of the designer:

The collection is inspired by the beauty and elegance of the horse’s physique. The streamlined forms of the horse in gallop convey power and beauty. Horses’ heads and legs used in the pieces are tactile and entice the viewer to explore.

The equestrian legs create handles that are very comfortable to hold. Animal forms have historically been a strong influence in art and design, the natural world inspires ideas and endless combinations. Horses have been central to human culture – they have been a recurring motif in art and design for centuries. The range includes tea sets, and accompanying dishes.

We also adore the other pieces of the Lladro Equus collection, which we think will improve our ability to concentrate on our reading material.

A set for the desk.

We can't seem to find our lust worthy totem on their webshop, but there are many other delicious pieces to crave.   

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