Thursday, January 20, 2011

Motorman's Petrol

Lately we've been drinking a lot of beer.  Maybe because it's winter, or maybe it's because beer is delicious.  We've been hitting up a lot of Dunkelweizen, Milk Stout, Black Wheat, and Black & Blues (Dark Side of the Moon) when we're out and about.  For some reason, these types of brews remind us of milkshakes - and well - we like milkshakes.

Our new taste for the dark stuff may partly explain why we instantly fell in love with Freshthrills' design for Motorman Chocolate Lager, a promotional holiday gift they sent to their clients.  The Brooklyn design firm bottled up the Chocolate Lager made by Kelso of Brooklyn, named it, packaged it in handsome wood boxes with an equally handsome stamp, designed coasters, gift tags - the whole shebang. 

The name Motorman comes "the title of a trolley engineer and during the early 1900’s, people commonly rode trolleys to get around downtown Brooklyn. In a lot of ways, the Motorman is a perfect symbol of resourcefulness because they not only operated and maintained the trolley but also acted as the conductor. It’s fair to say they had a tough, but respectable job" (Freshthrills).

We're drinking the proverbial kool-aid:  "Take your work ethic to the bottom of the glass". 
Sure, no problem.

Ps. We love the black and white baker's string.  Nice touch, Freshthrills, nice touch.

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