Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smashingly Divine

We heart NYC, but our beloved city still lacks a pleasure that other, lesser cities enjoy: Smashburger.

Until now.

The New York Times announced this week that come mid-April, we’ll be able to get our Smash fix at a new location in Ft Greene, at 80 DeKalb Avenue.

The spot is the first of three Smashburger locations to open in the next year, all of which will be in Brooklyn. In homage to the borough, you’ll be able to order a Brooklynburger, the details of which remain a mystery at the moment.

Our recommendation? Top that baby with fried McClure pickles as a shout-out to Williamsburg, My Friend’s Mustard to represent Greenpoint, and make it a meal deal by throwing in a Sixpoint Craft Ale, straight out of Red Hook.

Simply smashing.

Image via Flickr.

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