Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charted Territory

Our love of info-graphics is almost as well-documented as our obsession with all things food-related, and when the two intersect, we find ourselves positively smitten. You can imagine how bowled over we are, then, with this gorgeous poster bearing "The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools," from Brooklyn's own Pop Chart Lab.

Each implement is grouped into categories and sub-categories, with charming descriptions like, "Those That Contain," and "Those That Manipulate." Not only would this pretty poster look lovely next to our knife rack, it would remind us of all the foodie tools and gadgets that have been languishing on our wish-list for too long.

The best feature of the chart is something we imagine is best appreciated in person: it is printed with real copper ink, so it shimmers like a prized saucepan when the light hits it just so. We may not be able to afford the fancy copper cookware, but at $25, the poster is a food-obsessed aesthete's no-brainer.

Available at Pop Chart Lab

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