Thursday, April 21, 2011

Edible Bites - Anna Garforth

Sometimes wisdom comes in rare forms - rare forms that make you listen that much more.  We've been fans of Barbara Kruger for a long time - an artist who used the word as a medium - an artist who made us think about who we are as women and how we participate in society around us.

Today the lettering is ever-popular.  In the age of the computer, it seems people have fallen out of love with the pixel, and are veering towards hand-lettering.  Ah yes, the return of craft (we've been waiting for you, good friend).

We turn to Anna Garforth - an artist who is using different mediums to form typography.  Her work is smart, witty, and in this case, tasty.

Her Edible Poster spelling out "Bite off more than you can chew" - a good mantra in life, we think.  And it's made out of cookies.  yes. please.

And what the heck: A few more of her pieces (non-food related) after the jump:

Anna Garforth - Rethink

Anna Garforth - Big Bang

Anna Garforth - Wild At Heart

Anna Garforth - Wild At Heart

Anna Garforth - Love Your Street

Anna Garforth - Love Your Street

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