Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lady Rhuby

Ok, maybe at this point we must confess that we are easily excitable, especially when it comes to delicious libations.  That said, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction has really been giving us a run for our money lately.

Root - the boozy redux of the Native American recipe of Root Tea.  She makes us weak in the knees, and we in turn wrote her a sweet sweet love letter, out of lollipops.  Yes, boozy, delicious lollipops.  

Snap - another temptress with a gingery bite that begs to be transformed into creamy, salty caramels.

And now, we have a new siren, Rhuby. Freshly released by the Art in the Age team, this Garden Spirit has wooed us at first sight.  Based on John Bartram's garden tea that he made in 1771, after receiving rhubarb seeds from Benjamin Franklin himself.  Made with beets, cardamom, lemon, carrots, pink peppercorn, coriander, vanilla, pure cane sugar, and of course, rhubarb.  You lady Rhuby, so fair, so tender with your promises of summery bliss, we cannot wait to taste you.

Check out the Art in the Age video:

The Story of Art in the Age RHUBY from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

Now might be a good time to confess, this Lady Emerson has some deep Pennsylvania roots.  In fact, the family is unable to trace bloodlines out of the state of Pennsylvania.  Needless to say, this Emerson is thrilled to see such high quality, artisan, new yet nostalgic products being developed in PA, and yet distributed nationally for all to enjoy.  Good stuff, we say.

Two cocktails we're ready for:

Red Hound

2 parts RHUBY
4 parts red
grapefruit juice
dash of vanilla extract
grapefruit slices

Chill all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass, float a slice of grapefruit on top.

Rhuby Rose

2 parts RHUBY
2 parts strawberries
dash of rose water
club soda
Muddle strawberries, RHUBY
and rose water in a tall glass.
Add ice and club soda.

But more so, we are dying to transform Rhuby into a boozy lolly - perhaps Apricot, Mint, Lemon Zest, and of course, fair Lady Rhuby.

Get it here.

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