Monday, August 15, 2011

Whisk You Were Here

There's nothing quite as cool as a talented chef with a foodie tattoo. But while we're too humble to brand ourselves "talented chefs," so far we've also been too wimpy to brand ourselves with a foodie tattoo.

The artists over at Tattly must feel our phantom pain.

Awesome Brooklyn-based illustrator Julia Rothman has created a few sets of mouth-watering temporary tattoos for the commitment-shy cook. We love the kitchen utensils:

The chef's knife is oh-so nice:

And the cheese grater! It's just so... great! (We know, groan.)

Rothman's newest set for the body-art hungry features classic ice cream truck popsicles:

All of the fun, none of the sticky. So sweet.

Is a Rocket Pop tattoo appropriate year-round? Maybe not. With these babies, your commitment to the frozen treat can last just as long as the summer does, if you like.

Maybe someday, we'll bite the bullet and get a colander inked on our clavicle. Until then, Tattly should do the trick.


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