Saturday, October 29, 2011

Skull Candy Roundup

It's Halloween people - and you know what that candy bars and lots of Lady Gaga costumes.  We've been on the search for skulls this year - and we bring you our etsy round up of Skull treats to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Sparkling Skull Sugar Cookies by Sugar Sanctuary - $29.50

Crystal Head Vodka $45 (ok, this one isn't from etsy, but it's awesome)
Photo by Mark VP
Glitter Skull Lollipops by Sweetniks - $10

Sugar Cube Skulls by Dembones - $2

Sugar Cube Skulls by Dembones - $2

Chocolate Day of the Dead Skulls by Pazinktum - $18 

Candy Skull by Sunnybuick - $15

Candy Jar Print by Sunnybuick - $12

Chocolate Skulls with Bacon Brains by Oralgasm - $14

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