Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Hostess Giveaway - Brooklyn Bitters - CLOSED

For today’s giveaway, we are sharing with you one of our favorite obsessions of the moment, none other than Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters, made right here in Brooklyn.  We talked to Jason Rowan earlier this summer about his bitters, and after our first sip of the Icelandic Bitters with Reyka, we were in love.  Suddenly, bitters went in everything; cocktails, soda water, salad dressing, we knew their powerful ability to add flavor in a subtle way (read, sans sugary syrups and artificial flavouring).

There's, no fig or blueberry, but we've got Apple Cider and Rhubarb! Yum!

While our liquor cabinet has been expanding with the little bottles, we think yours should too!  We have four bottles of Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters to give away today - Meyer Lemon, Sriracha, Rhubarb, and Apple Cider.  Some Sriracha in your Margarita? Yes Please!  Some Apple Cider bitters in your Hot Toddy? Don’t mind if i do! 

: : :  THE GIFT  : : :

Four (yes, four) lucky winners will win a bottle of bitters!
Meyer Lemon, Sriracha, Rhubarb, or Apple Cider!

: : :  HOW TO ENTER  : : :

1. Leave a comment on the post answering: Your favorite cocktail or favorite way to use bitters, and which flavor you would like to win.
2. Tweet #HolidayHostessGiveaway @xxGastronomista & @brooklynbitters
3. *Extra entry* “follow” @xxGastronomista and/or “like” us on Facebook. 

The contest closes in exactly 48 hours (10 am EST).  Winner will be selected on Sunday, December 18th, and will be emailed that day.

Bitters make great gifts: get your bitters at The Meadow or Whisk.

Good luck, and many thanks Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters!


  1. I'm a huge fan of whiskey, and I am on a quest to create the perfect manhattan. I already have the vermouth (Vya), and the perfect bitters is the harder option to source (I have many quality bourbons and whiskeys available). Please help me find the promiseland. :)

  2. oh, and I'm thinking the Fig might do the trick, but the sriracha is highly intriguing.

  3. I'm going for Lemon.  I'm a traditional kind of gal I guess...

  4. I don't know what it is, but I have a strange love for all things rhubarb. I used to have a neighbor who grew it in his backyard and would just break off pieces and give them to our family. They were the best. Check out this recipe for a "Lancelot's Deception" - - Yes please!

  5. If I win, I would like the rhubarb bitters. I love rhubarb. And I love bitters, whether in a classic Manhattan or a gin martini or a modern cocktail. My first drink with the rhubarb bitters would be a Mexican Martinez as published by Imbibe Magazine.

  6. Smoke, spice and everything nice.  Dash of sriracha in a smoky scotch.  I'm sure it'll tingle my throat like Dr. Bronners does elsewhere.

  7. Meyer Lemon Bitters. Hot Toddies. Winter 2012. Need I say more?

  8. i would love to put these in my liqueur cabinet!!

  9. I think the Meyer Lemon would add the perfect je ne sais quoi to my Pining For You, made with Stranahan's, a foraged white pine and honey syrup, fresh lemon juice and an absinthe spritz.

  10. Favorite cocktail is the last one that Emma Emerson has made for us.  I would love to win the Apple Cider bitters.  


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