Thursday, January 19, 2012

All The Cabbage Fetishists, Put Your Hands Up

Cato the Elder once said "It is the cabbage that surpasses all other vegetables."

Babe Ruth is said to have kept a wet leaf under his hat on particularly warm game days.

The leafy green orb even spawned the Cabbage Patch dolls, which ranged from sweet to regrettable (Al Roker and Stephen Tyler versions were made. Why, cabbage, why?)

So cabbage is versatile. I get it. Pickled, fermented, boiled, slawed, in doll form and dolma, it is quite the multiple role player.

But is it sexy?

Bubble or Squeak?

I guess it's a matter of, ahem, taste - but these renderings of green leafed glamazons by artist Ju Duoqi shed new light on cabbage's more appealing properties.

Green Goddess

In this YouTube interview, Ju says one of the things she loves about working with vegetables is how easily you can turn them into pretty much anything she imagines. She's done interpretations of Van Gogh and the Mona Lisa, even small vegetable museums.

Bok Choy Booty

Can the cabbages bring the boys to the yard?

Family friendly or borderline-NSFW? We can't tell.

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