Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Taste of Fashion Week - Buddakan & Imitation of Christ

This week we were invited to attend the Imitation of Christ preview of their F/W 2012 collection at the ever-epic Buddakan.  The show was dramatic and romantic - highlighted with a magician who made birds appear, women disappear, and awed the audience with flames.  We were impressed.

We've always loved Buddakan - a spectacular space that juxtaposes light and dark, compressed bar spaces with grand double-height dining rooms, taxidermy birds with wax covered bird candle holders.  The lighting is always fantastic (a mark of a well designed restaurant if you ask this girl) for everyone wants to look amazing while dining out.

As one could expect, there was much excitement in the air - models stood (with much strength and perseverance) for 2 hours as bloggers snapped photos, editors meticulously noted, interns tweeted, and yet the magician continued to entertain.  We were seduced by the romantic dresses (specifically that stunning red number), big, messy-yet-lady-like hair, and dramatic eyes all under the massive chandeliers of the main dining room.  Ah, how we crave.  

As we lusted for silk frocks we sipped on champagne spiked with fruit, nibbled on dumplings filled with Edamame, and ate bites of charred beef to name a few of the delicious appetizers that were passed around the crowd.

We continue to be so obsessed by the Edamame dumplings that we did some google research to turn up the recipe!  It sounds rather simple, and we will be making them tonight for our Valentines Day Feast.

Recipe: Edamame Dumplings
Michael Schulson, Previous Executive Chef, Buddakan
Brian Ray & Yang Huang, Current Executive Chefs

Edamame Filling:
3 cups edamame
1/2 pound butter
1/2 cup cream

25 store-bought wonton wrappers


In water, cook the edamame until tender. Strain and puree with the other ingredients. Refrigerate the filling overnight until firm.

Put a teaspoon of the filling on a wonton skin; brush with water and fold in half to seal. Steam 5 pieces of the dumplings until tender, approximately 5 minutes.
Serving Size

Makes 25 pieces

**We could taste some Truffle when at Buddakan, so we will be adding a very light touch of Truffle Oil for some extra oomph.

The Library

Recipe via MSNBC

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