Friday, April 27, 2012

Ceramic Pressure

Mosaics are one of the most magnificent art forms - used all over the world as a durable material to create imagery, text, pattern and texture.  All those tiny pieces assembled together covering ceilings of churches, floor patterns of ancient Roman estates, and entire facades of Islamic Mosques.  It is always impressive to imagine all of the hours spent planning and executing those massive works. 

Which brings us to the contemporary artist, Zeger Reyers, based in the Netherlands.  He too uses the art of assemblage to arrange another form of ceramic - plates.  Dishes, saucers, bowls, serving pieces dangerously stacked as though they've suddenly started multiplying in an exponential Fantasia-like way.  The dishes flow with one another, almost weightless, as though they are feathers or seaweed floating in the currents.  The effect is dreamlike and frightening all at once, a reminder that we must wash our dishes tonight.

Hard Water - 2007

Cosmopolitans - 2002

33cc - 2007

Hard Water - 2007

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