Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not Just A Sweet - Kuroiwa Patisserie

We've never been ones to shy away from pastry, but we've just found some of the most lovely pastry, bound to make one re-consider eating the gorgeous thing.  We're talking about the work of Ayako Kurokawa, a Brooklyn based patissier, who has earned her stripes at Modern at MoMA and the Plaza Hotel. 

With her creative flair, she's turned pastry into art (just how we like it).  Cookies become are portraits of people from the subway, biscuits into drawings of hands young and old, loaves of bread braid themselves into fashionable hats, and whimsical lip cookies beg to touch our lips.  The only trouble is, how to eat such beautiful masterpieces??!?!

Some of our favorites:

Butter Sandwich Cookies with Rum Raisins

Dog Cake

Portrait Cookies

Bread Hat

Hand Cookies

Flamingo Biscuits

Ms Kuroiwa also makes traditional cakes and pastry, which are lovely and lust worthy.  Order one here.

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