Tuesday, July 3, 2012

McQueen's Rainbow Dress, in Gummies

For those special events when the usual silk frock just wont cut it:

A dress made entirely of gummy bears (50,000 gummy bears, to be exact).

The dress, which was inspired by Alexander McQueen's Rainbow Dress, was created by the team over at TWELV Magazine for their debut issue.  The dress weighed 220 pounds, and took three weeks to construct.  The dress required three people to move and manipulate it, which is disappointing, mostly because we would love to wear this bad boy to our next gala.  Who needs couture when you're wearing dessert?

50,000 Gummies

To create the masterpiece, steel wire was twisted into the shape of the dress and covered with a sheet of vinyl. Then 50,000 gummy bears were painstakingly glued on by hand in a colorful pattern reminiscent of a Chevron rainbow.

McQueen's Rainbow Dress - Not as Tasty, Unfortunately

via Racked

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