Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Rosebery - Mobile Cocktail Bar

Continuing our theme on mobile party vehicles, we've spotted the ultimate method of transportation - a British Double Decker bus converted to a fabulous roaming cocktail bar - The Rosebery Routemaster.

This roaming party bus is a restored iconic London Routemaster, with a 1930's inspired cocktail bar downstairs, and a glamorous dining room upstairs.  The upstairs section even has a hydrolic roof that raises up and opens!  It's got some handsome banquettes detailed with racing green leather and oak - a handsome background to sip on an Aviation.

It's fortified with flat screen tvs, surround sound systems, game cupboards, and a canopy that opens to provide shade so your event spill out into the surrounding greens. 

We're absolutely smitten.  May we take it on a tour of the British Estates and gardens?  Don't mind if we do....

Want more?  We recommend this delightful video about The Rosebery's creation:

THE ROSEBERY from London Video Reviews on Vimeo.

via VF.

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