Thursday, November 8, 2012

Queen of All Things...Potato

Ah, America.  We as a nation have always found pride in this expansive land, and the things we can grow on it.  We've recently found ourselves obsessed with the tradition of crowning Royals of Commodity - the Kings of Corn and Queens of Pineapple - an easy excuse for a big party, a parade, and a beauty contest.  Proud farmers would put their best produce up for competition; if it be perfect ears of corn, largest harvest, or their beautiful daughters.  Why ever has this tradition gone out of fashion?

Behold, our favorite Royals.

Frankfurten Queen, 1952

Susan Deen, Miss Potato Queen, Florida - Modeling in the Fields

Anne Goldsmith, South Carolina's Peach Queen, 1959

Who Needs Clothes When You're a Pineapple Queen?

Charlotte Rosenberg, First Ever Strawberry Queen, 1930

Corn Goddess, Mega Costume Points

Clearly, a Queen

Kenneth A Heath, Potato King 1931 - Brimming with Excitement

We here at Gastronomista HQ want our Doughnut Queen back!  (Read, we want to BE the Doughnut Queen).

Pork Queen.
Chester Troyer, “Corn King of the World” 1920  
Pauline Powell, Strawberry Queen 1936

Orange Queen, 1930

Miss Idaho Potato, 1935, Ready for Her Close Up

We sure are nostalgic for all this pride in American product, and we're ready to compete!  Sign us up, we will compete for any crown - Kale Queen, Crowned Caviar Queen, or the Princess of Prosciutto!


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