Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Danny Bowien on Chinatown & Pork Pancakes

Confession.  We spend many hours of the day Chinatown, NYC.  Probably too many hours. 

But, we eat damn well, that's for sure.  It's clear, Chinatown has grown on us.  For the better.

We are smitten with this video of Danny Bowien on Nowness, a chat with the new golden boy chef on the block; his inspiration, what motivates him, why he loves what he does, and what he likes to eat (pork pancakes). 

It is true, the charm of the people of Chinatown is wildly endearing, family owned restaurants that make really good food, with little expectation of fame or notoriety in this crazy city.  It's an inspiration, to say the least. 

And, we know where we're going for lunch tomorrow....

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