Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gastronomista Gift Guide - St. Valentine's Day

1.  This year get creative and give the gift of neon.  Yes, you heard us, neon.  Customizable in every way - you can write your own message, someone's name, or just keep it simple.  We love these neon pink kissers!

2.  Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, diamonds are expensive, but they are still Girl's Best Friend!  We adore the recycled glass diamonds made by Meg Myers. $45-60

3.  This is one of our new loves, Balvenie 12 year old Single Barrel.  Newly released, and awesomely delicious, this bottle is sure to bring a smile to your lover's face.  $70

4.  Flasks today can be  Invest in a gorgeous handmade copper flask for that someone who is particular about what they sip.  $125

5.  We love these Chocolate Salami - choose from Dried Cherry + Almond + Red Velvet Biscotti in Milk Chocolate Truffle, or Toasted Hazelnut + Biscotti in Dark Chocolate Truffle.  Yes Please.  $12

6.  Ladies, we know you need to keep all your essentials together - and we love this Lippy Red Leather Zip Pouch for all those stray bits.  $48

7.  Keep warm this valentines under a handsome red wool Camp Blanket by Topo Designs.  Great for snuggling at home or out in the wilderness.  $169

8.  There's nothing better than a fresh baguette, a slab of Delice, and a bottle of wine to share with your special someone.  Keep it tidy (and good looking) with a Sycamore Colorblocked Baguette Board.  $198

9.  We've done a bit of research on Pink Drinks here lately, and we have to say, they don't all suck.  This Valentines, mix up a Pink Gin, a Greyhound, a Figgy Manhattan, or a Bloodhound. Check out our round up of Pink Drinks post on Birch Box!!

10.   This one's for the high rollers:  Glenlivet Cellar Collection 1969.  We had the privilege to sip a few drams of this liquid gold, and we must say, whiskey is certainly better when it's older than you are.  $700

11.  Sweet notes never go ignored.  Some of the best ones are for Valentines Day, believe it or not.  Or better yet, get creative and pen your own.   Salt & Pepper card - $6

12.  Playing cards are one of those lost arts.  Instead of checking your phone while waiting for your Eggs Benedict, play a quick game of gin with your comrade.  We're smitten Misc. Goods Company's Playing Cards with gold backs.  $15

13.  We're predicting brooches making a big come back - pin it with this glossy red smooch brooch.  $30

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