Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Glorious, Jewel Encrusted Rot

So, cleaning out the refrigerator is not my favorite job in the world - actually I despise it, avoid it, causing decaying fruits and vegetables to take on likenesses similar to exotic landscapes.  Ew. 

Argentinian artist Luciana Rondolini perhaps hates rotting fruits as much as I do, or perhaps she enjoys the aftermath more than most.  Ms. Rondolini has done a series of work studying rot, but instead of letting pure fruits turn to simply compost, she has bejeweled them - giving them an armor of Swarovski - a grave of glittering, shining rhinestones. 

The effect is mesmerizing.  The frivolity of the whole thing - fruit bejeweled - only left to spoil.  The contrast of hardened skin to continuously softening interior until it has turned to goo. 

Rest in peace, banana: rest in glamorous, sparkling peace.

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