Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pear Gin Fizzies

I've been on quite a Gin Fizz bender here lately after making Violet Fizzies in the spring.  I've been experimenting with all kinds of different ingredients: Caledonia Elderberry Cordial, Greenhook Gin Beach Plum Gin, but my favorite thus far has been a Pear Gin Fizzie made with Belle de Brillet Poire Williams Au Cognac.

Belle de Brillet is a gorgeous liqueur that is made from young cognac aged for one year, and then blended with fresh pear juice.  About 25 pounds of pears go into a single bottle, which comes across as a full, juicy flavor that tastes like the most perfectly ripe, and booziest pear you've ever eaten.  It smells delightful, fresh and sweet, and tastes of fresh pears, ginger, and the honey sweetness of the cognac.  The pear flavor is so visceral, I swear I could feel the grain of the fruit itself.

It's pretty fair to say that I'm obsessed with Belle de Brillet - I love the pear shaped bottle, and it tastes wonderful served with ice and a lemon peel.  It is however, very sweet, which made me think it would be lovely in a gin fizz.  And it is.  The flavors of the pear are just as saturated, but the egg adds a level of creaminess that makes the cocktail rich and decadent.  I used Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin, a lovely  gin from Vermont made with raw honey that is added right before bottling.  The honey notes of the gin add complexity to the cocktail - giving it an extra layer of floral detail that compliments the honey flavors found in cognac.

Without further ado, The Belle de Pear Gin Fizzie:

Pear Gin Fizzie
Created by Gastronomista

1 Egg White
1-1/2 oz Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin
1/4 oz Belle de Brillet
3/4 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup

Top with Thomas Henry Soda Water
Lemon Peel Coin for Garnish

Add all ingredients (except for the soda water) to a cocktail shaker and vigorously shake (do not add ice yet, this is your dry shake).  Add a few cracked ice cubes and shake a second time.  Strain into a cocktail glass, and top with seltzer.  Squeeze an lemon peel coin over the foam, gently rim the glass with orange citrus oil, and float the coin on top.

xx emma

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