Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rhymed Recipes - by Charles Green Shaw

I recently came across an unpublished cocktail book called Rhymed Recipes by Charles Green Shaw tentatively dated to the 1930sThe Archives of American Art Journal by the Smithsonian Institution has published a short article about the book and its author in its most recent issue of Print (which can be downloaded here). 

Even more amazing, they've posted the entire unpublished book in their archive research collections.  I've shamelessly pulled a few pages of the book to share with you here, but I hope that you will visit their website and view the book in its entirety.

It's a bit of a funny book, some of the rhymes are a bit of a stretch, but it's a fantastic concept.  Rhymes to help one remember recipes to classic cocktails such as The White Lady, The Clover Club, and The Old Fashioned.  Now all I need is a rhyme so I can remember how to make a Mai Tai!

I love the hand drawn illustrations in the book - they are bold and distinct, and intimate to the presence of both the bartender and the imbiber without being too illustrative.

Without further ado: 


DI  -  VERS  -  IFIED 



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