Thursday, August 28, 2014

Watermelon Aperol Spritz at Saxon + Parole

Masa Urushido's Watermelon Aperol Spritz at Saxon + Parole in NYC

If you haven't heard of Masa Urushido by now, you should.  He's running the bar program at Saxon + Parole, The Daily, and Public, in addition to winning global cocktail competitions!  In my opinion, he's one of the insanely talented young guns of the cocktail world creating delicious cocktails that are sophisticated, seasonal, and yet approachable for even the most novice imbiber.

Masa Urushido's Watermelon Aperol Spritz at Saxon + Parole in NYC
S+P Monthly Cocktail Cabinet

Whenever I'm seated across the bar from him, I know I will be surprised with whatever comes my way, and yesterday was no different.  I was lured into Saxon + Parole by a tempting post on instagram to try the new Cocktail Cabinet creation - the Watermelon Aperol Spritz.  I was not disappointed - this cocktail was well worth the journey from Brooklyn, and was savory, sweet, and refreshing.

I loved the combination of the different flavors - the sweetness of the watermelon, the bittersweet flavor from the Aperol, and vinegary, vegetal flavors of basil shrub and the cucumber.  Lovely for the end of summer!

Lucky for you, I have the recipe! 

Watermelon Aperol Spritz
Created by Masa Urushido

1 ½ oz. Aperol
½ oz. Bulldog Gin
1 oz. Fresh Watermelon Juice
¼ oz. House Made Basil Shrub

Add all ingredients in a wine glass and give it a gentle stir

Masa Urushido's Watermelon Aperol Spritz at Saxon + Parole in NYC



  1. woah. woah. woah!!!! this drink just blew my mind. aperol spritz is my fave summer cocktail - adding watermelon sounds amazing! i better make my way over to S&P asap!!

  2. @Ahu Shahrabani - go before the month of August is over - next month they have a whole new cocktail! Let me know how you like it! xx

  3. I promise I'm not trying to be a meanie head. Just trying to learn my cocktails and am confused. Wouldn't this be a negroni as it has gin and not prosecco?

  4. @Bryan Richards - The Negroni has the structure of 1 part Gin, 1 part Sweet Vermouth, and 1 part Campari. In my opinion, what makes a Negroni a Negroni is the equal (or close to) proportions of bitter, sweet, and strong.

    The Aperol Spritz, on the other hand, is 1.5 oz Aperol, 1 oz club soda, and 4.5 oz of sparkling wine with a slice of orange, and is much lighter in proof than the Negroni.

    I believe that the Watermelon Spritz is closer to the Aperol Spritz recipe, substituting the sparkling wine with gin, and the orange slice with the fresh watermelon juice.

    Although one could also argue that the inclusion of the basil shrub takes this cocktail to a whole new place! I hope that helps!


  5. Wowza, can't wait to make this drink! Thanks!


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