Saturday, October 17, 2015

Glenfiddich 1978 on Robb Report & Photos!

In April of this year, I was invited to Dufftown, Scotland to be part of an exclusive selection committee to help select the Glenfiddich Rare Collection Cask of 1978 Single Malt whisky sold exclusively to the American Market.  It was an unbelievable trip filled with more delicious whiskeys than I could count, amazing food, great cheeses, epic landscapes, and of course, more whiskey.

Head over to Robb Report to read more about the selected cask, No. 28121, the experience of selecting the barrel, and my tasting notes!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the journey.  Enjoy!

Huntly Castle
Glenfiddich Distillery and Visitor Center

Step 1: Mash Room - Where the Distiller's Beer is Made
Step 2: Washbacks - Yeast is Added
The Stillhouse
Step 3: Distillation in Enormous Copper Stills
Step 4: Barrels in Warehouse 8 
Solera Vats in the Glenfiddich Barrel House
Desk Life
Glenfiddich Distillery and Storage Warehouses
Walking the Dog - How Workers in Distilleries Used to Steal Whiskey on the Job
We Pulled Our Own Whisky From the Barrel! From Left: 2nd Fill American Oak, 1st Fill American Oak, 1st Fill Sherry Cask

The 5 Final Barrels
Tasting Room at Glenfiddich Distillery
Malt Master Brian Kinsman
The Final Selection!
The Winner - 28121
End of a Hard Days Work!
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