Monday, June 13, 2016

Hendrick's Air & National Cucumber Day

Normally I try to completely ignore PR holidays, but since tomorrow is National Cucumber Day (June 14), and such a holiday exists, it will forever have a special place in my boozy heart.  I can say with certainty that I am accepting this holiday not because I love cucumbers or tzatziki, but rather because of my deep love affair with Hendrick's Gin - from my first Hendrick's Martini to recent years when I have had the privilege of getting to know their team, the brand ambassadors, and all the tiny details that go into making their epic parties happen.  This year Hendrick's Gin has taken it to a new level once again, with New York's Cucumber Festival, and their support of the soon-to-be-released cucumber emoji.

Last summer Hendrick's launched their Cucumber Airship - a slow moving, curious cucumber-y flying object.  Prairie Rose and I were lucky enough to score a trip on said Airship, and today, on this eve of the first Cucumber Day ever, I am sharing our photos.  (Also, I'm a total slacker and didn't get them up last year).

Tomorrow, I will be flying again Hendrick's Air on the Cucumber Airship (weather permitting).  Follow me on Snapchat for copious cucumbers, flying and not: 👻 Gastronomista.

Photo by Shannon Carpenter

"We believed in the cucumber garnish back in the dark days when people thought it was inferior to the lime and we will always stand behind it. True, we fully expect pushback from the arugula and parsnip lobbies, but," he added with a wink, "they don't have an airship." 
- Jim Ryan, Hendrick's Gin National Ambassador

Photo by Shannon Carpenter

Just two Boozy Babes in a Flying Cucumber...

...and of course a little tomfoolery...
Jim Ryan - Photo by Shannon Carpenter
Photo by Shannon Carpenter
Photo by Shannon Carpenter
Photo by Shannon Carpenter

See you tomorrow on the S.S. Cucumber! 

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