Thursday, June 22, 2017

Real Talk: Booze Blogger Skin

It's hard to complain about the life of a Booze Blogger, which includes epic parties, extravagant modes of travel, and some of the most decadent food one could imagine.  But real talk: all that hedonism isn't exactly healthy

There's been a lot of chatter in the cocktail industry about staying healthy: working out, drinking less, and making a little space for one's brain if it be meditation, yoga, or a walk in the woods. 

One of my greatest struggles has been my skin. 

My skin was incredibly confused from all of the travel and a diet made up of G&Ts and Foie Gras (not kidding), and a few years back it all came to a fever pitch.  At the age of 33 I had the worst skin of my entire life, and it was starting to look like nothing would help. 

ran to Heyday, the New York based facial shop and talked to them about completely re-vamping my entire routine.  I threw everything away and started with new, organic products that Yasmin, my aesthetician recommended.  She was pretty horrified with the condition of my skin.  Looking at the photo above it doesn't look too bad, but I was wearing about 2 pounds of foundation. 

I also scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist who prescribed a mediation (Spironolactone) to help with my cocktail-onset acne, a critical part of my new skincare routine. 

People have been asking me about the products I use and how I've snapped my skin into better shape.  It's by no means perfect, but it's a world of difference from a few years ago.  I've organized the products by brand - and thanks to the team at Heyday I better understand which product to use when and what it will help combat. 

I'm focused on moisturizing these days, mainly due to my age and cocktail-focused diet, but also due to so much airplane travel which sucks all the moisture out of the air, and your skin. 

From Left to Right:

Water Water Water - hydration is so critical when you're living that Booze Blogger life.  It helps flush out all the alcohol and prevents it from coming out of your skin at night.  It's like grandma always said: every other: one glass of water for every cocktail!

Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil - I use this every morning when I'm at home and throughout the day to give my skin a bit more moisture.  The Lapis oil gets it color from Blue Tansy, a blue oil that is anti-inflammatory and is naturally antibacterial (read, it fights the bacteria under your skin). 

Herbivoire Blue Tansy Mask - This mask is a complete life saver and it helps calm down even the fussiest of skin.  I like to use it right when I get off of the plane and into my hotel room to help work all the travel nastiness out of my skin.  If my skin is acting especially fussy I will sleep with it on, and when I wake up everything is more calm and under control.  You can also use this mask as a spot treatment - it's great for those out-of-nowhere zits. 

From Left to Right:

One Love Vitamin E Eye Balm - I have recently started using eye cream because I'm officially in my mid-thirties.  Wah-wah.  I love the smell of this product, which encourages me to use it every night.

One Love Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil - This is another new addition to my line up, and honestly I don't use it every day since I work from home and thus don't put on make up that frequently.  The first time I used this product I was obsessed.  It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and perfectly hydrated.  I only wish this bottle was more travel friendly.

One Love Skin Savior - I'm flat out obsessed with this product.  I think this balm makes me look like I have "rich bitch skin" and I'm going with it.  It makes me feel glow-y and amazing, so I'm just going to keep slathering it on.  15 times a day.

From Left to Right:

Image Skincare SPF 50 - I'm pretty fair skinned so as I've gotten older dark spots have become a major concern for me.  I have done a few laser treatments, but it always feels like a losing battle, especially when new break outs pop up.  A critical part of combating dark spots is sunscreen, it helps prevent new skin damage from forming, and helps protect the existing skin damage so it doesn't get worse. I love Image Skincare SPF 50, it smells amazing, and works well with all of my other products.  I layer it on top of the Lapis Oil or the One Love Skin Savior, and then apply my make up. 

Callogen Pills - I've just started taking Callogen pills, so the jury is still out if they are actually working or if they are just snake oil.  Unknown, but I figure if they help a little bit they are worth it.  I'll report back with any amazing discoveries...

Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask - I call this mask my "drunk mask".  I put it on after a wild night out on the town (and too many margaritas) and it helps me wake up in the morning looking bright and fresh instead of like the crypt keeper. 

This mask is an essential addition to my carry on luggage.  I religiously put this mask on before take off because it is super hydrating.  This magic mask locks in your body's natural moisture instead of letting the airplane's air systems zap you of all life and vitality.  I was told I should wash it off when I land, but honestly, normally I just add more One Love Skin Savior on top and charge straight for customs.  Like. A. Boss.

It has a slight tint to it, so I recommend sleeping with a towel over your pillow if you have light colored sheets.

So that's it fellow boozers.  Feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions or just want to vent.  Fussy skin can be terribly frustrating.  Trust me - I get it. 

A few basic rules to live by:

1/  keep it simple
2/  hydrate like a m*therf@cker
3/  buy good quality, organic products 
4/  don't stress, it only makes it worse

And drink water.  Lots and lots of water.

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