Monday, December 3, 2018

Mionetto MioMosa Party

Prosecco has quickly become one of my favorite bottles to always stock in my fridge.  It’s great to sip on its own, it’s an essential ingredient in a spritz, and it’s absolutely divine in a MioMosa (see what I did there, wink wink). 

When one thinks of a mimosa, the first thing that comes to mind is brunch, an association that is difficult to argue with.  The other association is orange juice, but a great prosecco like Mionetto works well with different kinds of juices.  I usually go to the store and stock up on a range of juices: pear, apricot, and mango to name a few.  

I like to set out a big bowl with ice to chill the bottles and juice in carafes so that guests can try different combinations as they wish.  

PRO TIP: Set up a separate table to get the guests moving and out of the most valuable space in your home: your kitchen.

I recently discovered that Mionetto makes the most adorable individual serve bottles of prosecco – which a great for picnics, cocktails on the go, or for sipping at parties.  Just pop one open, add a straw, and maybe a splash of juice and you’ve got a great party-ready cocktail.   

I’m really enjoying playing with different seasonal juice combinations and am really into adding garnishes that add another layer of flavor.  Jalapeno Mango Mimosas, Peach & Tarragon, Strawberry Basil… the possibilities are endless.  I am curious about green juice mimosas, perhaps that is the next mimosa frontier…
On that note, let’s pop some bottles and get this mimosa party started!

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