Gastronomista Writers

Gastronomista Writers

Miss Ariana Rinderknecht

At a Glance: Lover of the Libation
Gastronomista Specialty: Spirits & Tipples; All Things New Orleans
Likes: All Cocktails
Dislikes: Non-alchoholic Beverages.  Bars without hooks for purses.
Hobbies: Drinking Cocktails
Guilty Pleasure: Drinking Cocktails
Most Memorable Meal: All containing great wine and/or cocktials.
Breakfast in Bed: Bloody Marys
Pick your Poison: Gin/Tequila/Rye
Last Meal: Contained Wine

Miss Gemma Gray
aka Jessica Puzio

At a Glance:   Overcaffeinated, uber-enthusiastic.  Studies to determine a correlation between the two have been inconclusive.
Gastronomista Specialty:   Appreciating simple pleasures as well as creative innovations.  Obsessed with finding every delicious morsel in South Brooklyn.
Likes:  Puppies, literature, hardware stores, puns, bourbon, self-deprecation, s'mores.
Dislikes:  Cats, car horns, gum, confrontation.
Hobbies:  Salvaging strange things on the street to later repurpose, or to leave in my entryway and trip over.  Learning through trial-and-error.  Finding creative new ways to get bruises.
Guilty Pleasure:  Petting strange dogs on the street and alarming their owners.
Most Memorable Meal:  During a Colorado blizzard in 1997, my mother whipped up calzone for the first time.  Enjoyed in front of the fireplace, amidst intermittent power outages.
The never-ending smorgasbord at Giallo, a dark hole-in-the-wall in Milan, was pretty amazing, too.  The best tagliatelle I'll ever eat, and likely where began a torrid love affair with prosciutto.
Breakfast in Bed: Coffee first, please - I can't eat if I'm unconscious.  Stumptown Espresso, soy milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon.
Pick your Poison:  Bourbon - in a Hot Toddy in the winter, a Julep in the summer, and on the rocks anytime.
Last Meal:  Pizza with extra pepperoni and basil from Lucali's, a dry French red, homemade s'mores over a bonfire.

Miss Helen Hollyman

At a Glance: Half Texan, half American.
Gastronomista Specialty: The art of summoning spirits (the booze kind, not the ouji board type), beautiful subjects and topics that make your stomach grumble, in a good way.
Likes: Dollywood, mis en place, a quality roux, words, dancing shoes, foie gras.
Dislikes: Crisco, a lack of manners, bedbugs, halitosis.
Hobbies: Everything and anything, unless it involves spiders.
Guilty Pleasure: Moonpies, Dr. Pepper and Richard Simmons work-out tapes, in that order.
Most Memorable Meal:  Too many to count. There was that one time I ate a steaming plate of fresh jambalaya, made on the back porch of a Cajun bar in the bayou in a massive cauldron that required an oar, not a spoon, for mixing.
Breakfast in Bed: A perfectly fried beignet and cafe au lait, with powdered sugar spilled all over the covers.
Pick your Poison: Sazerac, or a whiskey on the rocks, delivered by a Scottish man in a kilt.
Last Meal: Freshly shucked Beausoleil oysters and succulent bone marrow, followed up with fried chicken drizzled with truffle honey and a piping bowl of gumbo. Served with a side of sweatpants and a damn fine bottle of French wine, I'd only hope it was eaten family style in a room full of all of my favorite people.

Miss Daphne Duquesne - Founder
aka Jennifer Lynn Pelka

Miss Duquesne no longer writes for Gastronomista - but you can find her over at Gilt Taste, and now, Tumblr.

At a Glance: Curious and excitable.
Gastronomista Specialty: Buyables, wearables, seeables, go-to-ables, and edibles. 
Likes: ETSY!, knuckle tattoos, dark chocolate in architectural form, Ira Glass.
Dislikes: Anyone who is too-cool-for-school.
Hobbies: Oh my God, everything.
Guilty Pleasure: French fries, ice cream and boys with beards.
Most Memorable Meal: Bananas and cream puffs with my Grandpa John as left-overs from his job as chef of the Ocean County, NJ, jail.  No kidding.  Always bananas and cream puffs.  Also truffle soup and red wine-stewed rabbit at Paul Bocuse’s L’Auberge with Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller.
Breakfast in Bed: Champers and a sweaty piece of meat.
Pick your Poison: Champers.
Last Meal: Champers, steak tartare, frites, a plateau of shellfish, oozy cheeses, and warm chocolate at Balthazar’s bar with family, friends and many beautiful, educated and fawning men.  Followed by breakfast in bed.  Then, death.

Miss Ariadne Ax 
aka Rammy Lee park

Miss Ax no longer writes for Gastronomista - but you can find her over at Wantful.  

At a Glance: Trouble.
Gastronomista Specialty: Video art. Film. Photography. Umami.
Likes:     Almodovar, spikes and studs, writing, making art, naughty jokes and the opera!
Dislikes: Snobs, liars and jerks!
Hobbies: Buying shoes. Watching BBC comedies (come back Mighty Boosh!) Gallery hopping. Bedazzling things. I do what I want.
Guilty Pleasure: Ramen & beer. Together. Forever.
Most Memorable Meal: anything involving just-caught seafood & my dad i.e. fluke sashimi carved right on the boat. Also, tasting menu at Blue Hill at Stone Barns = epic madness.
Breakfast in Bed: Savory, not sweet. And made by someone other than me.
Pick your Poison: Hendricks on ice, double twist. Sapporo out of the can. Campari & soda with a splash of blood orange juice.
Last Meal: this question makes my head spin. Next!

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