Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chickens - A Love Affair

We continue to be obsessed with chickens.  Baby chicks, in Bossy Chickens, and on Chickens on A Spit.  Yep it's true. We want to build them palaces that profess our love and have collections of all different breeds - with crowns of feathers, frocks with spots, and lots of attitude.

So naturally, our hearts melted a bit when we saw the project "Little Chicken Growing Up" - a blog from 2008 that features the most wonderful pen and ink drawings by artist Mieke Roth of a crossbreed of a Breda fowl and a Silki Bantam chicken.  Ms Roth did a drawing of this adorable little guy every day as he grew into his oh-so charming feathery feet...

A few of our favorites:

Day 2

 Day 17

Day 46

Day 20

Also check out her Scientific and Technical Drawings here.

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