Thursday, October 21, 2010

In This Donut Boutonniere, I Thee Wed

I can just see it now, as written up in the Sunday New York Times Vows: "The groom, a life-long fan of salty-sweet combinations, wore a black velvet Prada tux accented with a dark chocolate covered German pretzel boutonniere. The blushing bride, a sandwich accompaniment afficionado, descended the baroque spiral staircase in a Vera Wang special collection white chiffon gown and a turquoise and black polka dotted potato chip bouquet."

This sounds like my kind of wedding.

The Classic Pink Iced Donut, $12.95 by SurroundingsOnline on Etsy
The aforementioned pretzel number, $12.95

You know, a little "something blue," also a steal at $12.95

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