Monday, January 30, 2012

Cocktails - An Infographic

There are times when blogging has its benefits - getting invited to fabulous parties, getting to taste delicious treats, and finding out when awesome products drop.  Today, we were thrilled to learn that Pop Chart Lab (of Candy Chart, and Beer Chart fame) took our advice and made a Cocktail Chart. (The jury is still out on if they took our advice to make a cocktail chart per se - but great minds think alike, nonetheless.) We are suckers for a good infographic - and their new libation chart has us swooning, not to mention thirsty for a cocktail. 

Sometimes you need a little guidance when it comes to cocktail hour.  You've got Gin, Cherry Brandy, half an orange, but no idea what to make.  Just refer to the chart - which will guide you, oh woeful bartender, to the proper measurements, garnishes, cordials, sodas, juices, condiments, and glassware. There are even little flaming icons for when a cocktail needs a little flambé.

Your cocktail hour will never be lost again.

Want one?  (We sure do.)  Order one here: $28.

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